Thursday, December 21, 2017

Gymnastics meet results -Hingham vs Scituate


Here are the meet results for Hingham vs Scituate at Head over Heels on 12/22

Final:  Hingham 130.4
           Scituate  121.35


1st    8.3  Maja Nielsen (Hingham) and Mia Farwell (Scituate)
2nd   8.25 Chloe Vitali (Scituate)
3rd    8.2  Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham)  
4th    8.15 Ella Whitney (Hingham)

Vault total: 

Hingham:  32.75
Scituate:   32.05


1st  8.3  Maja Nielsen (Hingham) and Mia Farwell (Scituate)
2nd 8.1   Chloe Vitali (Scituate)
3rd  8.0   Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham) 
4th  7.8   Clare Trinchet (Hingham)

Bars total:

Hingham: 31.85
Scituate:  30.6


1st   8.45 Clare Trinchet (Hingham)
2nd  8.3 Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham)
3rd   8.1 Ella Whitney (Hingham)
4th   7.7 Maja Nielsen (Hingham)

Beam total:

Hingham: 32.55
Scituate:  27.9


1st   8.6 Clare Trinchet (Hingham)
2nd  8.3 Maja Nielsen (Hingham) 
3rd   8.25 Ella Whitney (Hingham)
4th   8.1 Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham)

Floor total:

Hingham: 33.25
Scituate:  30.8


1st   32.6   Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham) and Maja Nielsen (Hingham)
2nd  31.9   Mia Farwell (Scituate))
3rd   30.75   Chloe Vitali (Scituate)

Thank you,

Allison Clarke
Hingham High School Varsity Gymnastics

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