Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gymnastics meet results - Hingham vs. Hanover


Here are the meet results for Hingham vs Hanover at Head over Heels on 1/7

Final:  Hingham 128.1
           Hanover  129.75


1st    8.4  Maja Nielsen (Hingham) and  Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham) 
2nd   8.3 Sophie Spielberger (Hingham)
3rd    8.2  Emma Butzbach (Hanover)
4th    8.0   Olivia Spielberger(Hingham), Molly Chase (Hingham) and Kayleen Boutin (Hanover)

Vault total: 

Hingham:  33.1
Hanover:   31.9


1st  8.7    Kayleen Boutin (Hanover)
2nd 8.5    Hannah DeRice (Hanover)
3rd  7.9    Clare Trinchet (Hingham) 
4th  7.5    Maja Nielsen (Hingham) and Delanie Condon (Hanover)

Bars total:

Hingham:  30
Hanover:   32.1


1st   8.65 Kayleen Boutin (Hanover)
2nd  8.6  Paige Lee (Hanover)
3rd   8.4 Ella Whitney (Hingham) and Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham)
4th   8.3 Hannah DeRice(Hanover)

Beam total:

Hingham: 32.4
Hanover:  33.05


1st   8.5 Clare Trinchet (Hingham) and Kayleen Boutin (Hanover)
2nd  8.3 Hannah DeRice (Hanover)
3rd   8.1 Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham), Maja Nielsen (Hingham) and Jordan Tandler (Hanover)
4th   7.9 Ella Whitney (Hingham) and Molly Chase (Hingham)

Floor total:

Hingham: 32.6
Hanover:  32.7


1st   33.85  Kayleen Boutin (Hanover)
2nd  32.8   Hannah DeRice(Hanover)
3rd   32.3  Elizabeth Hennessey (Hingham)
4th    29.6  Sophie Spielberger  (Hingham)

Thank you,

Allison Clarke
Hingham High School Varsity Gymnastics

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